I’m a hopeless romantic. I strongly support those who struggle to follow their dreams. Every single picture I make is influenced by my passion and artistic sensitivity, which is unique. I have been photographing for more than 10 years. I attend training courses and plein airs with high-level photographers abroad.

If you want to choose my view on how to portray your photos, you know you are going to choose quality against quantity. I work in a selective way and I create accurate and unique pictures. That’s because I do not consider them just pictures, but personal moments, timeless stories created to move you, always, even after much time has gone by.





  • 1st place in Photo competition “Ans Herz gewachsen” (Close to my heart), Germany, 2008
  • Photo book “Latgale in photography”, Igors Pličs (2013)


  • Face Painting (Body Art), Profesionālā Skaistuma skola, 2013
  • Classic make-up, Training center “Elisanda”, 2013
  • Digital Photography, Alison, 2015
  • Portrait Photography, New York Institute of Photography, 2019
  • Photo editing, Lilia Alvarado Photography School, 2020



We have cooperated with Santa several times and we have always been satisfied with the quality of services provided. From our experience we can recommend business card layout services. We intend to continue cooperating, because without good quality, orders are always fulfilled on time. Thank you for your responsiveness and understanding when the customer does not know what they want.

Uldis Saulkalns

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SQM logoGreat cooperation. Santa helped design our website and business cards. We are happy for the work she has done, because we receive a lot of good feedback on a daily basis about how successfully our website has been created and functional.


Member of the Board

Alberto Fiorini

JP logoJusan print Ltd. has been cooperating with Santa for several years. I like collaboration because it is very easy and pleasant to communicate. Every order is understood and designed so that we as manufacturers can do our job well. The layouts and planned works are performed qualitatively and on time, which has created confidence that we can trust, cooperate and recommend to others.

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