Let’s respect each other! Every visitor of the studio wants to get a pleasant and clean workplace.

  1. Please bring change shoes to the studio to keep the rooms clean.
  2. It is strictly forbidden to smoke, use alcoholic beverages as well as intoxicating substances, burn fire in the photo studio.
  3. In cases where the technical equipment, furniture, accessories, premises of the photo studio are damaged due to the fault of the photo studio tenant or his clients, then the photo studio tenant is obliged to compensate the losses.
  4. In case of delay, the rental or photo session is not extended for the delay. Photo studio rent must be paid before the start of the photo session. The price does not decrease from the earlier completed work or your later arrival at the photo studio.
  5. If you want to extend the rental or photo session time and the photo studio is free for that time, you can do so by paying additional rent for the time actually spent in the studio.
  6. The start of the rental or photo session is considered to be the time from which the recording began, not the time when the tenant or client arrives at the studio.
  7. The minimum rental period is 1 hour, which includes preparation and photography. The minimum time for photo sessions is 30 minutes.
  8. If the photo studio rental is for more than 2 hours, then the reservation will be confirmed only after 100% prepayment.
  9. Cancellation or transfer of the registration must be made no later than 24 hours before the registration. Cancellation or last-minute transfer of entries is subject to a penalty of 50% of the cost of the canceled time.
  10. The work must be planned so that the studio is in order at the end of your reserved time. When you leave the studio, it must be in the same condition as it was when you arrived.
  11. If there are more than 5 people in the studio during the photo shoot, then for each additional person the additional charge is 2 EUR / hour.
  12. If the shooting is completed ahead of time, the rental time is paid in full.
  13. The photo studio must be warned in advance if the photo session planned in the studio will be with animals, colors, artificial snow, confetti, etc. attributes as well as birthdays, hen / bachelor parties.
  14. The presence of animals in the studio is paid separately in the amount of 5 EUR and must be agreed in advance with the administration. Responsible for the animal’s behavior, bites, damaged equipment, accessories, backgrounds, incorrect behavior, health, aggression is the owner of the animal.
  15. The photo studio reserves the right to cancel the studio reservation at any time. The administrator of the photo studio, seeing the inappropriate, unsatisfactory behavior of a photo session participant, may ask you to leave the studio premises. Let’s respect each other and also use the room inventory carefully.
  16. If it is necessary to significantly move the photo equipment or backgrounds, it must be done in the presence of the administrator of the photo studio or with prior agreement.
  17. It is possible to organize any events in the premises of the photo studio, but by prior arrangement.

Have a nice stay in the photo studio!